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Wielding Our Skills In Support Of The Art Of Music


M. Erik Matlock:
Improving Emotional Conductivity: Wielding Our Skills In Support Of The Art Of Music
The first and most important thing we can do is step away from the desk and listen with the heart of a fan and the ears of an engineer.
By Chris Mitchell August 7, 2019

My average adolescence changed forever one summer evening in 1985 at the old Charlotte Coliseum. Excitement hung thick in the audience as the walk-in music faded. House lights dropped and hundreds of sweaty bodies surged forward as the guitars roared the stage to life.

The emotional power of that moment has followed me for 34 years. Music, especially the live concert experience, became a positive way to channel all my tumultuous young emotions. Now I find myself in the position of crafting the technical and artistic recipe which transfers that emotion to thousands of fans every show...

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