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Finding Phantom Problems


M. Erik Matlock:
Finding Phantom Problems
Techniques for utilizing test procedures and tools to track down and verify issues with phantom power.
By Ray Rayburn August 8, 2019

Most consoles that supply phantom power follow the P48 Standard (also called 48-volt phantom). This entails the use of a 48-volt DC power supply with the negative side connected to the console ground, and for each microphone input, a pair of 6.8 kohm (kilo ohm) resistors.

One resistor connects from +48 volts to pin 2 of the XLR while the second resistor connects from +48 volts to pin 3 of the XLR. The pair of resistors must be matched within 1 percent, and matching within 0.1 percent or better is desirable. The power rating of the resistors must be 0.5 watts or higher...

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