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Stagehand Systems KLAngler


Ken Braziel:
Howdy folks,

I've been using the KLA's for my summer concert series for a few years now, they're a good fit for the space but I've always been annoyed by the fact that the top box is basically shooting out into the sky. Dave G lives near me & I work with him on another summer concert series (K12.2's are more appropriate for that show) so during the winter slowness I loaned him a pair to work with on the KLAngler we'd been discussing.

I finally just got around to editing the videos I shot when I first received the pair, and at the end I've added some videos from this summer's series so you can see them in action:

(Haven't used Final Cut Pro in a while, pardon my playing around with the animated text)

Core impression: works as expected, solid design, looks good. Definitely fulfills the core purpose of re-aiming the paired up fixed-curvature speakers, making better use of the top speaker in each pair.

I dial the top speaker to 100% and the bottom one at around 60% volume so the folks dancing right under it don't get clobbered.


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