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JBL SRX815 Crackling sound

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Dustin Campbell:
Hello All,

I did a show this weekend and I kept getting crackling sound from one of my tops - severe crackling from time to time -I did have the subs hitting pretty hard (srx818's) - I'm thinking that the crackling could be resulting from the subs vibrations loosening a not so secure wire or something?  I have a show on the 4th and am going to put them on stands and see if that helps - also I am goimg to try a different channel on the top as well - It's pretty frustrating during a show when this happens- kind of a helpless feeling in the middle of a show.  Thoughts and ideas's welcomed

Taylor Hall:
Could be any number of things. Faulty cable, internal connector coming loose, output channel form the sub (if you're daisy-chaining tops and sub cabs) going bad... Did it happen at all volume levels? Only when pushed hard? Did it happen when there was no audio coming through or only when it had signal?

Lots of variables, I'd start with the simple and work my way out. Try different audio cables using only the top cab (try both inputs, give the cables a little wiggle to see if the popping is related to a bad connector), then introduce a sub, then program level output levels, etc etc. I don't know if JBL tamper-seal their amp plates, someone else will have to chime in on that as I've never cracked one open.

Hope you find your gremlin

Dustin Campbell:
I have tried different cables - it does seem to happen more when it is pushed- I usually go from tops to subs - I'll try switching that too

Tim McCulloch:
You need to set up the tops at home before your next gig.   You need to know where the problem is before the gig.  Crackling could be a bad connection or cable or you the 15s could be  bottoming out.  What preset are you using in the 815?

Steve Ferreira:
I would test it out before my next gig. I would rather chase my tail at home/shop than on site. Could also be a lose grill or horn exit since you say it only happens at high levels.


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