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Author Topic: Harmonica Honker  (Read 470 times)

frank kayser

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Harmonica Honker
« on: June 01, 2019, 11:16:33 pm »

Yet another question, my friends,
Wednesday, working with a harmonica player, I was introduced to a Harmonica Honker.  Cool little ring with volume control, and a belt-worn box where the player could dial in some distortion.

It is unbalanced 1/4 out, so I sent it through one channel of a Radial Pro D2 (passive DI) into an x32.  All was well.  The same experience he mostly had with it.

Then came the question - he bought a VOX VX50KB expressly to use with his Honker, but gets a noise - as he describes it - kind of like a noise from a single coil pickup guitar.  It only happens with this combo.  He does not get the noise from any other amp, nor from the PA I described above.

He bought an active DI for the benefit of the ground lift, but after mulling what he said over for most of the night, I asked him about that.  Let's see, you have 1/4 unbalanced out, and 1/4 unbalanced in on the VOX.  Are you using the instrument-to-amplifier passthrough on the DI?  Why, yes, he was!  aHA!  the ground-lift part of the circuit was not in play wired like that.  Honestly, his description of the noise does not lead me to believe the ground lift would solve the noise anyway.

He also has a similar British harmonica mic+dirt device that plays well with the Vox.  No unwanted noise.  Also, all 1/4 unbalanced.

Any thoughts?


Mal Brown

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Re: Harmonica Honker
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2019, 12:46:31 pm »

If the box is an amp...  personally Iíd sell the active DI and buy an E609 to drape. 

Most of the harp guys I do bring some tube amp steeped in special harp sauce ...  Fender Champ, Harp King, old whack job little tube amps, Premier, Ampeg 12 waters from the 60ís...  Iíve seen a bunch.  I have an old harmony with an 8 and a crystal mic modded to clutch and 1/4 out.  Think it started as a CB radio mic on desk stand.    Itís my community harp rig for the occasional open mic.  Put it up on a chair and we are Goiní to Chicago baby, sorry but I canít take you...
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Re: Harmonica Honker
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