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VTC DLMS 4080 reset


Dean Spyropoulos:
Hi friends,

I have the VTC DLMS 4080 and I can't make the software connect to the box, either by USB or RJ45. It says the password is wrong, even when there is no password. I tried creating the password on the front panel of 1234 just so there were no blanks, but that didn't work either.

Google hasn't been terribly helpful - grateful if there are any users out there that can assist. I should say it is fully usable from only the front panel but I would prefer to use the software, which is running on an old XP laptop.

Many thanks

Doug Johnson:
Try calling VTC (Yorkville), they have always been quite helpful to me in the past.  Also IIRC the DLM-4080 is a rebadged Xilica  XP-4080 so you make find the info you want searching that unit.


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