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Vari Lite VL2500S


John Mcleod:
Hello gentleman
I have aquired 6 of these and finally got the 250v 15a distro for them..we started testing with no dmx hooked up and none of them turn the lamps on..
We are only testing...
So what are we missing. .
Or must we have dmx hooked up
Any experience appreciated.

Steve Kosiba:
VL2500 spots have a settable power up state for the lamp.  You can change the power up state in Menu>Config>Lamp>Power Up (this will set whether or not the lamp strikes during boot, during cal, or not until it receives a DMX command or manual command to lamp on).

If that ain't it: try the quick button combo for lamping on, enter+up at the same time.  Make sure "Lamp Power" is set to "ON" (Menu>Config>Lamp>Power).  If Lamp Power is not settable to ON, could be ballast or ignitor problem, but that's unlikely with all 6 units.

Check/meter the wiring of your distro and the plugs on the lights.  The VL2500 Spot is autoranging 90-264v, so you can put an edison plug on it to test it as well.


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