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How not to identify a breaker

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Jonathan Johnson:
The other day I observed someone identifying which breaker protects a certain receptacle. Here's how he did it:

He inserted an insulated copper wire, probably 12 AWG solid, stripped on both ends, into both the hot and neutral slots of the receptacle, to create a short circuit to trip the breaker.

Probably not a technique I would have used. I should have recommended he at least wear safety glasses.

It was a 15A or 20A 120V circuit. I sure hope he doesn't decide to try that with a 50 or 100 amp circuit. (This was in a commercial/industrial facility.)

Dave Garoutte:
Sounds like he's in the running for a Darwin Award.

John Fruits:
Hmmmm a 5 cent thing versus a $50 test device.  Someone has a some very wrong priorities.  I wonder if this same person bothers with stuff like, I don't know, Insurance maybe. 

John Roberts {JR}:
It seems like testing that the breaker works should not harm the breaker.

Maybe use a 50A fuse for the short circuit test JIC the breaker is faulty.


Jean-Pierre Coetzee:
I think the issue they are bringing up is more the possibility of an ARC flash than the possibility that the breaker will be faulty.


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