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Difference between CS6364 and SS2-50R


Bob Faulkner:
Looking for a few short 50amp pig-tales.

Some have either a CS6364 female end or an SS2-50R female end.  From the online photos I'm using to research what I need, the CS and SS2 ends (the actual ends) look identical.  However, the drawings of the CS6364 always seem to represent the center hole for the guide pin.  The SS2-50R drawing does NOT reference a guide hole, however, the SS2-50R pictures shows a guide hold.

Are they the same ends?

Looks like maybe the SS2-50R end uses an 8ga green wire and locks to the mating component with a collar.

Bob Faulkner:
hmmm... looks like those are the differences between them.  The locking mechanisms are different. 


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