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Cheap but usable Movers for bar bands

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I'm a colorblind sound guy.   But bands I do audio for like it if I can bring some lights.  So I have a small led thinpar setup with 8 cheap chinese ~60watt and a pair of older Chauvet 4-bar minis on stands.   Wireless DMX (donner) to an DMXKing eDMX ethernet converter.  Connected to my Apple airport extreme same as the x32 runs with and use luminair3 to control.

Take 15 min to set up, runs on its own and bands like having something more than driveway spots....   Learning something about DMX lighting was just about worth what it all cost.

I've been dying to try using movers but I can't justify any in the 'good quality' range.   This isn't for profit - it's for my own learning and entertainment/challenge.   Very small places and never flown above 10-12 ft.

I see that Sweetwater has the Martin thrill mini movers on sale.  I could get 4 (budget around $1000).  I would run a separate universe for these.   Mainly like to try the rain, beam shape, and ability to possibly move as solo backlight or other simple mover functions.   Not into the dj bounc-the-lights-all-over-the-room thing.

Question is whether these fit the bill as cheap, decent for the purpose, effective/worth it or is there a better way.  One thing I don't want are pin spots.  I'd hope to have a wider cone of light at short range.  max trim will be ablout 12ft and stages are usually less than 40wide X 20deep.



Brian Jojade:
There's SO much stuff available in the cheap china knockoff department that you can get these days. For learner lights where you don't need to really worry about buying more matching units in the future, it's not a bad way to get started.  Note that with cheap lights, budgeting for a couple spares isn't a bad idea. When they die, don't expect to repair them. Plan to replace.  But as fast as the technology is moving, getting a couple years out of a system can be a reasonable investment.

With moving head lights, there's no 'right' answer.  It all comes down to the show you design. The more you know your lights and programming, the better your show will end up looking.

duane massey:
I installed 4 of these in a club 2 months ago. Cost-effective, seem to be of decent quality. One was defective DOA, they replaced it next day. For your purposes they are worth considering. Package of 4 is $270 free shipping.

Taylor Hall:
Chinesium fixtures are a good way to break in as Brian said. Hell, we still have a dozen or so knockoff wash heads that are still going strong after 3 years. They get used for bar gigs or where a little extra razzle dazzle is needed but discharge heads either wouldn't fit physically in the room or in the client's budget.

Aliexpress has a plethora of options and shipping times are quite decent, the longest turn time we had on something took just over a week, but typically was 3-4 business days.

Mal Brown:
I probably sound like a shill for Monoprice at this point ...

I bought a pair of these to experiment with last year.  Only thing missing is the roatating prism.  For that you spend about 3x the $190 these cost.

I also use Monoprice washes.  Have 20 or so of these...

These guys put down a lot of light and as they are color mixing in the bulb (rgbw) I can get a very nice color by usin the Robin DMX color mixing chart.  Pics over at my FB page (Truss rig with Bluegrass band) with the disclaimer that the most recent pics were when I had a lighting sub on the job.  He used his own movers and washes.


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