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Pair RCF tt052a speakers


Robert Piascik:
Price is for ONE pair but two pairs are available

The TT052-A Active Wide-Dispersion Speaker from RCF is a powered speaker designed for indoor use in applications that require highly directive audio output, such as in concert halls, theaters, distributed sound systems, and more. It is capable of up to 300-watts RMS performance and up to 123 dB SPL. The speaker has dual 5-inch woofers and a 1-inch compression driver.
300 W Class D amplifier
Heavy duty multi-functional cabinet
2 x 5" low distortion woofer
1" neodymium compression driver, 1.5" voice coil
DSP processing
Wall mount EQ, High pass EQ
RDNet ready

Each pair includes two pole mount adapters and buyers choice of Pelican 1610 case OR a pair of custom carry bags from NYC Undercover

$2,400 per pair, free shipping

Bob Piascik
Pi Entertainment Services


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