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Author Topic: New DSP recommendations  (Read 1160 times)

Mike Caldwell

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Re: New DSP recommendations
« Reply #10 on: February 13, 2019, 07:29:43 pm »

I agree, but DSP's that have lots of IO become prohibitively expensive compared to a rackmount mixer. (If the goal is zero control or iPad only) if putting wall controllers and GPIO then there are other factors...


There is a post with an equation for doing it somewhere.

I figure making one using SMAART wouldn't be too difficult.

I have wanted to make an excel that does the calculations for you for A&H mixers as a resource for the community. Just haven't gotten around to it (I'd need to teach myself some filter equations first).

That's still not going to going to give you the infinite cut off slope that a true high pass or low pass filter is going to and not mention what's going on with the phase response with all those stacked filters/eq bands.

Gary Fitzpatrick

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Re: New DSP recommendations
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2019, 04:02:33 am »

Preface: Catholic Church setting, this could also go in the install forum, feel free to move if necessary.

One of the churches I volunteer at is finally coming to their senses and is now in the planning stages of replacing the FOH rack, specifically:

- the failing Shure P4800
- Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16:2 DX (this is still working but will be moved to the choir area where they can run their mix there, long story on why its in the rack...)
- Lectrosonics AM8 (auto speech)
- Shure SCM810 (more auto speech expansion)

All of this is what I am hoping to consolidate to a single rackspace or two because too many hands were touching this and it got messy. It was decided to lock it down basically. Keep in mind that all of this was original to the church when it was built in 2001! To show how ancient they were operating, they are still using ULX-P systems(!) albeit in the upper 500 band, this is an automatic "time to upgrade" to QLX-D.
Needs are that we want the speech to be locked down and no tampering since it will be a daily usage with no soundguy (basically me) present. The choir will be the mixwizard mono out to the DSP taking up 1 channel on weekends. Basically we are looking at the following channel layout on the DSP:

- 4x wireless (speech automix)
- 4x floor pocket podium XLR (speech automix)
- Aux RCA in sum to mono
- 1x outside wallpanel XLR
- 1x choir mono in
- 1x TRS wallpanel

Output at the minimum:
- Sanctuary
- Vestibute/Foyer
- Sacristy
- Cry room/infant care
- Upstairs L
- Upstairs R
- Outside
- REC to RCA

A little single switch to turn on/off the outside XLR channel and outside output. Some form of monitoring would be nice, iPad would be cool.

Now to the DSP's, what would be a good fit? Of course there's a budget, but I don't know the numbers yet, just looking for something reasonable. I've played with the offline editors and the BSS Soundweb London seems to check the req's with the BLU-100. I've downloaded the Symetrix Composer but haven't played with it yet, I'm thinking the Radius 16x16? I have not looked at Biamp's lineup because I don't know what's what in their website. Not sure of RANE either. QSC Q-SYS looks way too expensive.


Hi Thomas,

I have installed quite a few of the BSS sound Web devices in Catholic churches. I find them very appropriate for Catholic churches and suit the "set and forget" system that many churches like.
I also find the "leveller" object very good for keeping levels in check when different laypeople are reading or different priests celebrating the services.

You can use one of the control inputs to switch the outside channel on and off fairly easily.

As long as the 12 input, 10 output works for you they are very capable. I have used a small rack mount submixer in several churches to bring in CD, projector, choir, etc inputs in on a single channel that doesn't need much processing.

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Thomas Le

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Re: New DSP recommendations
« Reply #12 on: February 20, 2019, 12:24:42 pm »

I got in contact with one contractor company, they say the soundweb london's are having production issues or are they trying to pull my leg on something more expensive?

Thomas Le

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Re: New DSP recommendations
« Reply #13 on: March 19, 2019, 05:44:44 pm »

Update: One contractor company is giving us a Yamaha solution. Anyone have experience on the MTX processors? Also how is the TF-Rack?
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