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Question about horn design

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Mal Brown:

--- Quote from: duane massey on March 18, 2019, 02:27:52 am ---Pic of one of the horns

--- End quote ---

Sweet!   I can see the mobile crowd lining up

Their semiís that is..


Tim Weaver:
Duane, is the designer the guy that built the Core audio cabinets? I can attest that those worked pretty well with a variety of drivers! lol I've run across several core systems being used for DJ rigs that are still pounding even after decades of club "maintenance". I've seen all sorts of crap woofers in these things. I know for a fact the triple 15 sub that is in the Jolly Fox in Huntsville had everything from 2225's all the way down to car audio subs.

I wish I had a warehouse somewhere that I could collect some of these weirdo club cabinets I've seen in my travels. Just for the S&G's.....

duane massey:
Tim, I built (or supervised the construction of) all of the Core Systems subs. All were based on a design from Rick Wheeler, from our family company, Amphion Sound Systems. I still build these from time to time. They were (and are) remarkably forgiving cabinets, in regards to the components that would work in them.

Peter Morris:

--- Quote from: duane massey on March 17, 2019, 01:49:29 pm ---In the design of a front-loaded horn (full-size, not vented or tapped horn) what part(s) of the design would be affected by the parameters of the chosen woofer?

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The 2 things that impact the most on how a driver of a given size behaves in a horn is the moving mass and the motor strength or BL product. Have a look at Hornresp


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