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DMX Lighting Control Application Software


Steven A. White:
Hey guys & gals.

I'm setting up a DJ system and need to help with lighting.  Got the DMX thing figured out enough to program controllers.  I have a simple ADJ for around the shop and backup and a Chauvet obey 40 & an obey 70.  6 moving heads and several other fixtures to control.  Want 32 channel capability.

Also picked up an ADJ mydmxRM rack mount controller.  The software MyDMX 3.0 isn't much on the intuitive side for me. 

Realization is that I need laptop control, or a controller that can take program downloads.  If a stand alone controller dumps at a gig ya need a backup.  Takes too long to program a decent light show to risk loosing the program.

So, what's a good laptop application that will run on Win 7 64, or Win 10?


Bob Faulkner:
Probably the easiest to use:


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