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Author Topic: Single ear mic recomendation please?  (Read 881 times)

brian maddox

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Re: Single ear mic recomendation please?
« Reply #10 on: March 03, 2019, 07:20:15 pm »

I am constantly having a problem with the actors breath noises in the mics. I have taken to at times using a particular lesser quality mic (that has just recently been discontinued by the manufacturer) because it is shorter.

I have too much experience with these mics and it is very frustrating because they are too long for the actors that we use them on. These are people with normal size heads. I have seen people bend the boom into a Z trying to get the capsule to sit back where it should. I think that looks too stupid to do that but I have done just about everything else to make them sit far enough back from the mouth and the nose. 


i SO identify with this.  Honestly, i can usually get plenty of gain if the mic is an inch in front of someone's ear.  I don't NEED it to be a mm from the corner of someone's mouth.

There IS a technique that someone showed me a bunch of years ago that you can do with an E6 that will make it stay put and also shortens it up a bit.  VERY hard to describe, but basically you take the part of the mic that goes in front of the ear and bend it so that it goes kinda INTO the ear just above the little fleshy part that sticks out and then exits BELOW that same fleshy part in the notch at the bottom of the ear opening.  You end up with kinda a little "c" shape inside of a big "C" shape if you're looking at the ear wire part of the mic from the side [not on someone's head].  This trick works great, but isn't likely something that can be undone as i suspect the stress to unbend it would probably break it.
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Ken Webster

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Re: Single ear mic recomendation please?
« Reply #11 on: March 05, 2019, 05:49:17 am »

At your facility who is the keeper and handler of the microphones?

If not monitored and controlled a $600 headset will get just as  bent, broken, destroyed and lost as a $50 headset mic, at least until that happens the $600 mic will sound better!

One thing I don't like about mics like you pictured in your first post is the use of the long barrel adapters for different body packs. The long barrel puts a lot strain on the body pack connector when people lean over or sit on the body pack.

Well, the only people who are authorised to operate the sound system are the trained sound team.  When people hire the hall and require sound, we provide someone to run that (for a fee of course).  The headset mic is for the Pastors use exclusively.  That's the rules.  What actually happens, is anyone's guess.

I couldn't find an image of our actual mic.  While the mic body is similar to the image I linked, the plug is shorter, being permanently attached to the lead.  We used to keep the mic in a plastic clip lid container but I found the lead damaged from being pinched in the lip a few times.  Now I have it in a larger cardboard box and the lead rolled up on a large foam cylinder so there are no sharp bends in the lead.  If I find it not rolled neatly on the foam.


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Re: Single ear mic recomendation please?
« Reply #11 on: March 05, 2019, 05:49:17 am »

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