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Tama IronWorks mic stands & booms


James Paul:
Apologies in advance for lack of a detailed review, but just more of a FYI about these products.
I had an opportunity to view and demo the Studio & Tour series at the west coast distributor offices end of year past, and subsequently purchased a number of the Tour series tripod combos & additional booms, post-Namm 2019.
Short story, if in need or desire of stands/ booms, I suggest to investigate the Tama products and compare design, engineering, warranty, serviceability, and pricing with the acknowledged popular German brand or the 88 year old legacy American products. Product purchase should be available via any authorized Tama dealer.

Rick Earl:
I agree, they are great stands, I own a few.  My problem is as you stated, they can be bought where Tama products are sold.  I buy most of my equipment from a pro-audio dealer, not music stores. Tama should look into distribution / dealer  agreements for Pro-Audio, separate from their music products.

Milt Hathaway:
They've got a parts catalog for them!

Wow, that's more than I've ever seen from even K&M, and my 30+ year old K&M stands are getting tired so I'm looking for a reliable replacement.

frank kayser:
I had two, and just bought two more Tama MS205BK, their "low end" stand.  I've had the two for many years, and consider them my best stands.

I bought two more since while working a job where we were using many Ear Trumpet Labs mics, one hanging over a resonator guitar, and one on a boom.  The boom was one of my older mid-level K&M.  First set, droop, droop, droop.

During intermission, I took a great "fix" for drooping stands from here on PSW - take the pivot apart, clean metal surfaces, and thoroughly clean the rubber friction pieces.  I used some Windex Wipes that I keep handy for my iPad and iGlasses.  The rubber discs mostly build up scraped up rubber particles that get in the way of the stable friction surfaces.  The second set, the boom stayed put, though I did have to gorilla the t-nut to make it so.

I've NEVER had a Tama slip - and never had to "over tighten". The design is superior to anything else on the market.  The tour Iron Works series improve on that pivot.

If you have any heavy mics on the end of a boom, use a Tama.


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