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RCF TT5a/9006 or SRX835p/828p


Michael Abernethy:
Hi everyone

I'm upgrading my FOH in a few weeks and have so far been set on RCF TT5a's over 9006 subs each side. In terms of sound quality, output and throw how would the srx835p/828p combo stack up against the RCF's?

Further down the track I would be looking to add HDL 30's if I can justify them.


Roland Clarke:
I have srx 812ís and srx 828.  The 828 is wonderful for the money.  I like the 812, but they run out of steam and lose coherency over about 30m.  The spec says they peak out at 136db, in real terms they are about 124db rms.  The 835 is expected to sound better and have more projection, but these are high end MI boxes.

The RCF are pro boxes and a step up from the JBL.  Better build and technology wise pretty much cutting edge.  This is at a price above the JBL, but a great example of getting what you pay for.  If your budget is tight, you could compromise and go TT5ís over the Srx 828ís, that would be a good option.


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