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Author Topic: Opening for FOH Engineers (full time, part time, and contracting)  (Read 387 times)

Matthias McCready

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Eagle Brook Church, located in Minnesota, is looking for FOH Audio engineers. The Lead Audio Engineer asked me to post here. There are one or two full-time positions available and more are coming soon. There are many part time contracting positions (show up and mix) available for those in the area.

This is a creative community that wholeheartedly pursues excellence to accomplish its mission. It is great people and an awesome work environment.

Currently, we have 7 campuses, although we are opening an 8th in just a few months, and I believe there may be more in the works (probably next year). We are expanding faster than our production team can keep up with!

As far as audio goes all campuses have a D&B Audiotechnic rig with an SD8, with the exception of our main campus which is running two SD10's and our newest 7th campus which does not yet have a permanent facility and is running a Yamaha console. A little over half of the campuses are running Waves rigs, although eventually, all will be.

Schedule for the week is roughly as follows:
Wednesday (Student Ministries): There is setup, short rehearsal, and two services.
Thursday (Rehearsal): Setup, 2-hour rehearsal with the band for the weekend.
Thursday Night/Friday Morning (Mixdown): Audio Engineer spends 1-2 hours mixing rehearsal multitracks for the weekend
Saturday (Weekend Service): Run through, the band and entire production team goes through the service once (or twice) to iron out the flow and technical aspects. Then there 1 or 2 services depending on the campus.
Sunday (Weekend Service): Playback, band and entire production crew spend time watching and listening to a service from the previous night and critique how they could do better 2 services.

Musicians are stellar and are great to work with, many have toured and generally, they are quite skilled. I have yet to run into one who has not been overtly courteous. Most are staff and rotate campuses on a regular basis, you will know everyone pretty quickly.

This is a great church, which is very focused on spreading the gospel. To the point, this is the most intentional community I have been a part of, and this goal underlines EVERYTHING. This is the best organization I have ever worked for (across many fields and company sizes). It is a relaxed environment (once you get the hang of service flow it is pretty easy). This is an organization which takes staff development seriously, they bring in lots of great speakers and focus on building community.

 Additionally, the facilities make a good venue. The systems are nice, in working order, are well thought out, and a delight to mix on.

As far as pay, it is not as good as being on the road, however, it is a dependable gig with solid hours. if you have a family it can work well as there are no super late nights (7-9:15PM at the latest usually). Pay is based on experience and knowledge. Several of our production staff have relocated from other states to take positions here.

To see job postings check here
Eagle Brook Job Postings

There is more stuff opening up then what is listed right now, and we are growing rapidly. If you have any questions shoot me a PM.

Matthias McCready

Steve M Smith

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Re: Opening for FOH Engineers (full time, part time, and contracting)
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2019, 03:13:50 am »

American churches seem to be totally different to what we have in the UK!

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