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How many eggs in one basket?

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Erik Jerde:

--- Quote from: Stephen Swaffer on February 11, 2019, 12:54:34 PM ---Right now we have 2 people involved-a sound guy and a media guy (me).  I'm more experienced with sound, so if something goes sideways I can help out and vice versa.  When we add the video streaming there will be a third guy.  That is partly why I am thinking getting lighting and PP on one MAC with video and prelude on the other.  Prelude will be done before video stream starts so no conflict.

One thing I haven't mastered is binding different programs to different inputs from a Mac.  Did it easily on a PC, but since I am using USB directly to a QU-32 I haven't been able to run PP and iTunes on different inputs-really the main reason I want that off the "media" Mac-I will use a Scarlett interface I have on the second one.  I like to duck the prelude to the pulpit mic and the piano so if someone isn't at the board and an announcement needs to be made or the live prelude starts there isn't a conflict-but having that input ducked during a service is a problem.  I could do scene recalls-but trying to eliminate points of failure.

That said, lighting is the one thing that might be considered mission critical-in most services we would be fine without media.

It wouldn't be the first live crash-but I'd rather the attention stay on the platform!

--- End quote ---

Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba can be used to route different programs to different output devices.  I don't have a compatible version on my computer right now so I can't give any pointers - need to upgrade for OS compatibility.


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