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Author Topic: Audiopile Custom Input/Output Panel Patchbay Price reduced  (Read 326 times)

Barry Reynolds

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Audiopile Custom Input/Output Panel Patchbay Price reduced
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:39:56 pm »

Audiopile Custom Input/Output Panel Patchbay for Amp Rack in perfect operational and cosmetic condition.  Really good work by Mark Hellinger of .  $60 + actual shipping costs.

This sale includes the patchbay, the internal amp rack wiring to the amps, and the custom speakon cables that terminate on the speakers.  (I am also selling nice lengths of NL8 cable, and adapters in another listing)

2 rack unit patchbay panel.  See Photo 1. 

Panel inputs are 4 XLRF, color coded Blue, Red, Yellow, White.  These are normalled to 4 XLRM connectors via a Xfoot 12-14 guage mic cables, which would normally be connected to a Speaker management device (like a Driverack) or directly to 1 to 4 power amps.  (I inputed FOH L FOH R, Aux Fed Subs Mono, and Monitor Send into these 4 inputs, but that is just one use).

Panel outputs are NL8MP Speak-Ons.  These are connected inside the rack to speaker cables terminated in 6 banana plugs that connect to power amp outputs.  These are wired as follows: 
On NL8MP Left: (1+,1-) goes to Banana Plug 1, (2+,2-) not attached, (3+,3-) goes to Banana Plug 2, (4+,4-) goes to Banana Plug3.
On NL8MP Right: (1+,1-) goes to Banana Plug 4, (2+,2-) not attached, (3+,3-) goes to Banana Plug 5, (4+,4-) goes to Banana Plug6.

I would attach Banana Plugs 1 and 4 to the outputs of the power amp feeding the subs (Left and Right), Banana Plugs 2 and 5 to the outputs of the power amp feeding the woofers in the main speakers  (Left and Right), and  Banana Plugs 3 and 6 to the outputs of the power amp feeding the horns in the main speakers (Left and Right).  All of this giving me a fabulous tri-amped system.

Custom NL8/NL4 Y cable.  See Photo 2.  (One would attach stock NL8 cables 13/8 (not part of this sale), terminated with NL8FC, plugged in the  NL8MP Speak-Ons in the panel.  The NL8 cables would head out to the speaker stack.   Then one attaches to the speakers with the  Custom NL8/NL4 Y cable. See Photo 2.   6 ft. length of cable consisting of 2 ft of NL8 Y'd to Two NL4 terminated on NL4FCs.  One of these is connected to the subwoofer L and one of these sends biamped signal to the Main Speaker L.  (Same thing occurs for the R speaker stack).

I will provide a detailed diagram of how this is all wired. The final result is an amp rack that easily connected to mixers and speakers at each gig.

This was basically connected once to the inputs and outputs of the amps, which was left in the rack of my wedding band.  None of this stuff was ever stressed.  I'm the sole owner and the only one who ever handled in or moved it in my mini-van. 

I'm selling because I'm getting out of FOH sound altogether and will now concentrate on providing IEM monitor mixes in my own band.

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