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Best Kick Drum Mic?

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Chris Gruber:
 ::) Figured I'd get this one out of the way. I'll answer that it is situational, what sound I am looking for determines which mic I select. Therefor there are many, "BEST" kick drum mics.

Mike Baker:
You did of course search the forums before asking that question I hope.

Sorry couldn't resist.....  ;)

Adam Kane:
The best kick mic?

The one you happen to be using at the moment.

By the way...I'm wondering, under what circumstances, would I ever use the "kiss" smiley...

William R. Conturo:
Ok, for sake of content because maybe some real newbie like myself is going to come on here looking for this.. I am going to for example, start a constructive argument and say...

I use a lot of different kick drum mics, a lot of the pro mics out there sound.. not bad.... My go to mic for a 1 mic application is an Audix D6, I like it's response for a carved out mid range kick drum sound. Lost of sub, punch and click. Good for a modern kick sound. Another good mic is the AKG D112. A different response characteristic but still a good sounding mic to me, it's got fuller lower mid range. I use that for Jazz type acts. A kick mic I stay away from is the Shure Beta52, I never liked it. It's dynamics seem too flabby or something.  All three of those mics I have had for 5 plus years and they haven't missed a beat. So as for durability, there ain't much to break, and the Shure is probably best used as a hammer.

William R. Conturo:
Oh ya, one more thing..  :-* my  ;) y maybe??
Joke, by the way.
The above post proves I am credible and not some hack..


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