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Author Topic: Small Operator System Details and Rationale  (Read 14962 times)

jon mccumber

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #50 on: September 19, 2023, 07:06:36 PM »

My turn.
Weekend warrior doing mostly clubs, partys, beer tents, and smaller festivals.
Mixers:     x32 Compact w/sd16 + sd8
Speakers: 2 SRX 725
                  2 DZR 12
                  2 QSC e118sw   1 e218sw
                  4 PRX812P
                  2 EV zlx12p
                  3 Peavey 12m
Power.      Plx3402 and Behringer nx6000
Mics:         sm58/b, 57, 609, beta 52, audix d2/4 (toms)
                  AT 1000 sdc.........
Dis.           Radial and Livewire
                  Enough stands, cables, power to make it all happen.
Lights:      My wife is in charge of lights, our shows can be seen in satellite images.
  All this is transported by a Toyota tacoma pulling a 5x8 trailer.
   Speakers are mix and match depending on coverage/volume needs.
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Rob Stevens

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  • Rob Stevens
Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #51 on: October 05, 2023, 01:51:29 PM »

Grab a couple of SE v2's for your kit, everyone needs a few.  They are an awesome value for $100.00.  Get the cool Billy Gibbons chrome ones for $149.00!  Seriously a really well performing microphone.

You know my vocal mics come out maybe twice a year, almost everyone I work with brings their own, I pretty much use my mics on Amps, and Drums, thats about it.

John Bosco

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #52 on: October 05, 2023, 02:59:23 PM »

I semi-retired to raise a family back in the early 2000s. I still work for the sound company I started out with back in the 80s, they are mostly plays, graduations and religious services these days, so I bought some stuff for fun, weekend warrior, hobbyist, whatever you want to call me.

Midas M32C w/DL16 (2)
Behringer XR18
Behringer Flow 8

RCF NXL 24A mk2 (2)
Yamaha DZR12 (2)

JTR 212 Captivator (2)

Yamaha DHR12M (4)

assortment of Shure, Sennheiser, Neumann & Telefunken


assortment of Chauvet DJ

Light Boards:
ADJ WMX1 (Wolfmix)

Enough racks, stands, cables, bags, adapters and accessories to put it all together.

Ram Tradesman Cargo Van
"All I want is a good sandwich. You see this sandwhich here? This tuna sandwhich? That's all I want, a good sandwich." - John  Gotti

Dave Garoutte

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #53 on: October 05, 2023, 05:30:26 PM »

Small system:
Yamaha DXR12 mains
DXS15 subs
DXR10 mons

Mid system:
Yamaha DSR112 mains
JTR C212pro sub

'Big" system:
Danley SM80 or SM96 mains
SH75 outfills
SHmini front fills
TH118 subs
RCF NXSMA 10 and 12 mons
DNA20k4, DNA10k4 amps

Soundcraft Performer 16 and 24 mixer w/stagebox
Misc smaller analog mixers

Lots of Senny mics, as well as a variety of others
10ch Senny wireless
Radial and Countryman DIs

Chauvet Colorado Solo series and Colordash
Freedom par uplights

Back line:
DW drum kit
Fender Twin, Deluxe, Princeton
David Eden bass amp and 4x10 speaker
Nord Stage 2, Roland FP60x, DX7, Juno106

Self built staging
Pipe and drape

Blackmagic PCC4k and PCC6k
Various lenses
Zhiyun gimbal

BMD ATEM mini extreme iso w/custom full streaming system in road case
Epiphan Pearl Mini

10'x7' front and rear projection screens
6k Christie 1080 projector

Ex Uhaul ford box truck

Nothing can be made idiot-proof; only idiot resistant.

Events.  Stage, PA, Lighting and Backline rentals.
Chauvet dealer.  Home of the Angler.
Inventor.  And now, Streaming Video!

David Pelletier

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #54 on: December 05, 2023, 12:23:23 AM »

I was in a band full time from 1997 to 2001 and we jointly owned our PA and I ran sound from the drum kit.  When we disbanded I bought all of the gear.  A sorry collection.  Mackie 1604, 4 Yamaha SM15Vs, couple of Crown amps, some cheap 31-band eqs.  Since then Iíve been selling the weakest link in the chain and buying its replacement, over and over again.  Now Iíve got a pretty nice system for a guy with a live sound hobby.  I run sound for the occasional band but mostly I volunteer my time and the gear for local events in the town I live in and the schools my kids attend.

1 SQ5 with 2 DX168s
3 Yamaha MG10XU for smaller stuff

2 Martin Audio CDDLive!15 tops
8 EV PXM 12MP monitors or for other utility solutions
2 QSC K8.2

2 Martin Audio SXP218
1 QSC KS212C for small stuff or as a drum monitor paired with a PXM 12MP

Wired mics:
Shure SM58 (8), SM57 (4), B58 (4), B57 (4), B52 (1), B87A (3), B91 (2)
Beyer Dynamics M201 (2)
Senn 604 (6), 609 (2)
Rode NT5 (4)
Nueman KMS 105 (1)
Audio D2 (2), D4 (1), D6 (1), OM5 (1), OM7 (1)

4 Shure QLXD4 receivers
4 Hand held transmitters with 2 SM58 & 2 B58 capsules
1 Body pack transmitter with a headset mic

2 Countryman
2 Radial JDI
2 Radial J48
2 Radial SB-5
1 Radial JDI Duplex

Speaker and mic stands:
All K&M

Lots of cable: xlr, cat5e, trs, and power

No lighting
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Will Knight

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
« Reply #55 on: December 05, 2023, 01:33:02 PM »

Well, I'll chime in...better late than never.... ;)

Another (every other?) weekend warrior - mostly smaller summer park and block festivals, a handful of speaking gigs, weddings & the odd family yard party....not very sophisticated...winding things down.  Started sound to support my bass playing...playing days are (almost) over.. the rest is for, well fun and $ as long as I can continue to physically move this stuff...key consideration in the 'older-post retirement' age  ;D

Mixers:     Si Impact
                Si Performer + MSB32 Stagebox
                Pioneer DDJ-SR2

Speakers   2 SRX812P
                4 PRX712
                2 PRX612m
                2 SRX712m

Subs:       2 SRX718s
               2 SRX828sp

LS Mgmt:  DBX Venue 360

Amps:     QSC Powerlights (340/380)
              QSC RMX 4050HD
Mics:      Shure (sm57/sm58)
              Senn (e835/e935)
              Audix DP Drum Kit
              Senn EW Wireless

DI's.        Radials, EWI's, Rolls, Peavey

Stands:   Ultimate for Speakers
              K&M & Atlas for Mics
              Gator for Drum/Amps

Backline: Aguilar TH350/Aguilar SL12 Cab
              SWR RedHead & Goliath III 4x12 Cab
              Fender Princeton Reverb

Truss & Lighting:   Blizzard Lighting Trees & GT DL3800 for Triangle and Box truss units
                           Chauvet & Blizzard Lighting Cans, Bars, Moving Heads & Atmospherics
                           Blizzard Lighting Control surfaces, Chauvet ShowExpress

Cables & Crap: too much to list (Hosa, EWI, Rapco, Custom, etc. etc.)

Cases: Road Ready, EWI, Gator

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value ó Albert Einstein.

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Re: Small Operator System Details and Rationale
¬ę Reply #55 on: December 05, 2023, 01:33:02 PM ¬Ľ

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