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Powersoft T-series

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Chris Grimshaw:

--- Quote from: Scott Holtzman on May 05, 2020, 05:32:35 PM ---
Corporate gigs use to pay the bills, before that task was relegated to my savings.  Sorry, little bitter today the zoo just cancelled our annual gig all the way out in August, very hard to get my arms around.  This was our largest gig every year and a great way to finish summer.  It's not so much me, the our 30 member crew, plus the lighting guys, lot of folks look forward to this 2 day, 16 stage madhouse. 

Anyway, I am sure you know but duct tape leaves a mess on your cables and trashes the clients floor.  You should always have gaff tape with you.  I would have put a skirt on that stand for a corporate gig.  Something in a black pleated number :-)

You didn't answer the question, do you know was that a King Air 350?

--- End quote ---

That's okay, my savings are taking a hit, too. Calendar's wiped completely apart from a couple of tentative bookings towards Winter.
Given that a staggered return to work is likely, offices are likely to be up and running well before music venues. Once things are completely up and running, I expect the sound companies that do survive this will have their pick of customers.

It might well have been gaffer tape that I used - would have to dig out the rolls and check as I can't remember right now. I do remember it came off just fine.

My last post did answer your question about the King Air, although I can see it was a bit ambiguous. I've checked the website, and they do mention King Air as one of the manufacturers this company works with, so it could well be a 350. That said, I really don't know much about planes, so am happy to bow to your superior knowledge on that one.

This particular event was in a working aircraft hangar, but I see your point about skirts for the stands. Something to look into once things are up and running again.



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