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Joshua Buentello:
 Hello Im looking into some speakers to start DJ'ing and I'm particularly interested in the brand EAW. I own a EAW MX250, MX800i, MX8600 processor, 4 EAW LA325 cabinets along with 4 EAW BH760's and they sound incredible. But I was told that the LA325 are a short throw speaker and the coverage and distance isn't all that great for a large event. A friend of mine mentioned that the KF760 series would be a better choice for tops to compliment my lows and would give me a larger distance of coverage and throw. I looked at pricing for the KF760's and almost had a heart attack lol! plus the KF760's were massive and looked to weigh in at almost the same as my lows. I was looking around and found these models of KF series: KF850/850EF/850T/850z can anyone tell me what is the difference between these models? because theres not much info out there explaining the differences and if so which would go good with my lows, Thanks.

Tim McCulloch:
The KF760 is a line array module and is not meant to be used singly or in small numbers (too few to be a "line" is a "dash" ;) )

The differences between the models of KF850?  Mostly transducers (different drivers) and some changes to the mid horn (IIRC).  They are not interchangeable, i.e. you can't use KF850T mixed with KF850z (Z is the final version of the 850).

We have a dozen KF850EF and they don't go out much.  Big, heavy, requires the EAW UX8800 processor (we still use the MX series) to preform at their best.  I think you'd be better served with KF650 - smaller and lighter than an 850 but still louder than the LA series you have now.

Taylor Hall:
If you're getting into a mobile DJ setup, I'd recommend looking into their self-powered Radius lineup. Way fewer moving parts and much easier to setup and strike.

William Schnake:

--- Quote from: Taylor Hall on December 21, 2018, 02:18:40 pm ---If you're getting into a mobile DJ setup, I'd recommend looking into their self-powered Radius lineup. Way fewer moving parts and much easier to setup and strike.

--- End quote ---

+1  We own both the Radius and the KF850ef speakers.  If I was a dj and I am not, I would definitely look into the Radius system.  If you are looking at a line-array the RSX802L is an amazing value for the price. 


Luke Geis:
There is no such thing as " throw " in terms of a speaker. The LA325's are a 90* X 70* box and that spec ONLY applies to the highs and part of the mids. This spec is par for the course with just about 90% of all speakers in the open market.

Now the LA325 is about the heaviest box known to man and is a widow maker to move and set up. So it is beneficial to find a replacement only to save your life. Aside from that, the box is fine ( I hate the things and they sound mediocre at best to me, but honestly they perform well for most ). I think any other $700 plus 12" speaker will spank those things and make them cry like a baby. If you want low end, buy a sub and you will still have more room and more thump than a pair of those beasts can produce.

The LA325's are just not great performers when scaled against modern self-powered offerings of roughly the same cost. You could sell those and get a much better speaker without spending a dollar almost!!!!

Forget about all the hype, your basic Yamaha DSR, JBL SRX, EV ETX, QSC K12.2, and similar units are truly the bee's knee's these days and will do the job very well. The older  ( now discontinued ) beast of yesteryear are just not viable anymore. They sound ok at best but require so much work and heavy lifting to get there.


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