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Author Topic: Need Speaker Advice - Looking for best sound quality  (Read 1185 times)


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Need Speaker Advice - Looking for best sound quality
« on: January 04, 2021, 08:00:33 PM »

Hi All

I'm looking for advice on portable passive tops. I'm considering to buy two pairs the following used speakers and doing side-by side pairs in stereo config. The speakers I'm considering are:

EAW JFX 260i
RFC C5212-L
EV SX300

Of, course there are advantages and disadvantages to all the above: I'll summarize what i think I have learned about these through my online research and you can let me know if it fits with your experience:

JFX260i ...Overall great sounding but requires some eq to sound the best. Very bright without eq. Also has some response peaks that must be tamed. Sesnisivity just ok (if i get this I'm thinking to have them in pairs and only use the tweeter on one- that is use the fullrange on one and just tbe biamp woofer of the other.)

RFC C5212-L ...Great, longer-throw coverage. Does not break down in acoustically challenging venues. Great sensitivity. Good freq response. Most expensive (can only probably afford to buy one pair used for right now).

EV SX300 .. best frequency response, doesn't require alot or any EQ, well extended highs, best price, lowest weight, least bright sounding, good sensitivity. Cabinet is plastic but sounds like wood or almost like wood

EV ZX3-60 ... good power handling, sensitivity ok, good mid-bass, not bright, not well extended on highs, lightweight, newer

JBL SRX812 ... new model so not much info. Good JBL reputation, sounds lively, Sensitivity db is top secret, IDK... newer model can probably only afford one used pair for now...

So- these are just things I have seen people say about these speakers- yo all who have used them can let me know if these qualities are valid.

I'm planning to power each side with a QSC RMX 2450- so each speaker gets 500w at 8ohms - two amps, four speakers, one speaker per channel.

I currently have a pair QSC KW153 which people seem to love but to me they can sound harsh. Also they weigh a ton and require alot of wrestling to get into the car. I'm making the move to passives and power amps to be easier to transport and improve sound quality.

Currently building a pair of Bill Maurice tuba 45s to replace my one KW181. I also have a pair of sealed 2x12 subs that I made with dayton HiFi subs its great for small venues but doesn't project outside or in medium venues. I power these with an RMX 2450 also. I have a CARVIN 3000 rack crossover that I use with these.

The system will be for DJing dances of 50-200+ dancers indoors and out. Our venues can vary in size and acoustics. My source is my macbook pro, so I have all the audiounits of processing that i want when I'm DJing. Hoever, Some of our Djs use PCs and don't have any processing available. When I'm djing i use a SCHIIT Gumby DAC/Soundcard for my source. The music we play varies greatly, so I'm looking for a system that performs well with both acoustic/organic as well as electronic music.

At home I'm an audiophile. I have a discerning ear and love single ended tube amps. I know I'll never reach that level of sound quality with a small budget PA, but I'm really hoping to have a system that doesn't sound abrasive or bright. Looking for that natural, non-fatiguing sound.

So thanks everyone for reading and please let me know what your recommendations are and if you have any direct experience with any of the abovementioned tops. 


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Hi All

I'm looking for advice

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« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 09:26:44 PM »

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