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Dual Monitor Technology


Brian Kent Tennyson:
Dual Monitor Technology

Anybody running dual monitors with two monitor cards rather than one dual monitor card?

Aaron McQueen:
Works fine with Windows XP, although one card with dual outputs is usually easier to get working.  I have a machine at work that has 4 monitors, two dual output cards.

Brian Kent Tennyson:

David Zetino:
We have one PCM card for the monitor and one high resolution for the projector and works really good, just take time to set it up and program what do you want to see and one and what do you want to se in the other, same with the software you need to program where do you want the image to show, (POWERPOINT, QUICKTIME, Winamp...ect)

Bob Miller:
I say you don't use dual monitors. We use dual computers with a video mixer. Much better, and you have a backup if something blows up  


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