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Church Sound: It All Starts With Drums


M. Erik Matlock:
Church Sound: It All Starts With Drums
Getting the drum mix isn't always up to the sound crew; it starts at the source.
By Andrew Stone • November 5, 2018

It goes without saying that I consider drums to be the most important part of most current rock-oriented music.

Starting out my career as a drummer, I pay a considerable amount of attention to the specific details of drums and cymbals and the individual technique of the drummer.

Anyone who’s attended SeedsConf or SeedsU has no doubt heard us mention the importance we place on getting (and keeping) the drums under control.

This serves as a precursor to what we hope to achieve with both our audio and musical product. Whether we’re talking about the particular style of the drummer, the actual acoustic volume of the drums in the room, or maybe a combination of both—figuring out how to get the drums to sound right can be a real challenge.

We’ve discussed at length in previous blogs our opinion regarding particular drum and cymbal selections, sticks, mics, heads, and the like but here’s a few points that can apply to almost any drum situation. Even if it’s not time for you to upgrade and/or replace drums and cymbals right now, the following can be done at no cost...

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I disagree about drums being the most important element... vocals are. Always.

Drums are important, yes, because bad ones can ruin a mix but nobody goes home singing the drum part of a worship song.

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