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Author Topic: Best Equipment Carts/Wagons for Event Gigs  (Read 2630 times)

Jordan Wolf

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Re: Best Equipment Carts/Wagons for Event Gigs
« Reply #40 on: September 05, 2018, 07:16:53 pm »

Thanks everyone for the information, truly has been a big help for me in my purchasing decisions. I searched the other thread someone mentioned in the basement, and I couldn't find answers to the following question I currently have: What kind of Laptops are needed for typical jobs, whether it's a corporate gig with PPTs and embedded HD videos, or a concert with animated graphics or videos etc. I see specs like RAM, Hard Drive, Processor and Speeds etc., and wonder what is most important and actually needed for the type of work we do. Last thing I'd want is videos playing sluggish/jerky because the PC can't handle the graphics/file size/format. Assuming sometimes the machine is just rented to a customer, other times used directly by my company to operate the PPTs, videos, downloaded music, etc. Thanks!
I see typical specs like:
Newer i7 processor, 8GB RAM, 320GB SSD, 15 screen (non-touch)

Apple products typical for video playback via Playback Pro, presentations in Keynote & Powerpoint for Mac. Current/recent models are falling out of favor connectivity-wise, IMO, but Im cool with them.
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Jeff Lelko

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Re: Best Equipment Carts/Wagons for Event Gigs
« Reply #41 on: September 05, 2018, 09:16:42 pm »

What kind of Laptops are needed for typical jobs?

Hi Brandon, I think a better question to ask first is which types of software you'll need.  For my genre of applications QLab is an industry standard along with Show Cue System as a reasonable Windows alternative.  ProPresenter is another option I see frequently, but I don't have any personal experience with that one.  I also don't do much video at my jobs - only lights/sound/pyro.  Either way, the software you need/choose will generally dictate the system requirements.  For what it's worth I use 2017 Macbook Pros with max'd out processor, 16GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD.  No issues thus far.  Hope this helps!

Mark Cadwallader

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Re: Best Equipment Carts/Wagons for Event Gigs
« Reply #42 on: September 06, 2018, 12:36:04 am »

Also, any ideas for projector stand skirts? I have tripod style projector stands, essentially glorified music stands, and just want to have a drop over black skirt (even better with a hole for the cords) to make it look nicer at events. Seems like these would be easier to find, but so far no luck....

If you are looking for an alternative to your tripod projector stand, the Da-Lite Project-O-Stand (two versions available) is sturdy, stable , and the four (removable) legs individually adjust for height. Great when you need to angle the projector to get to the screen, or for setting on a raked floor. 

If you attach 3/4" or 1" hook (Velcro) around the edge of the projector stand top, you can then use stage/riser skirting to mask the stand.  A flat throw-over table covering will work also. Look at pipe and drape suppliers for such items. Regular table skirting will be too short most of the time, but a taller version of that skirting is what you want. Cables slip between the edge of the stand and the skirting; the Velcro snugs up the gap.  Tuck any excess fabric height under the stand.
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Brandon Montagne

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Re: Best Equipment Carts/Wagons for Event Gigs
« Reply #43 on: September 24, 2018, 06:56:32 pm »

Great info guys, I'll be taking those suggestions.

I'm at the point where I need some storage space/warehouse space for my equipment. How many of you would suggest climate controlled storage as the only option, vs a garage or outdoor storage facility with a roll-up door where you can back a truck or trailer directly up to it? I'm in a part of Texas where it doesn't freeze hardly ever, but the summer months can be over 100F. Thanks!
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