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Audio Snakes


John Bryan:
We have a snake which runs from the front of our sanctuary (behind the choir loft in a small room) to our media room in the rear. To accommodate our praise instruments, we ran a new snake from the front of the pulpit to inputs on the existing snake. We have wireless guitar receivers input into the new snake. Our problem is this, when the guitar receivers are plugged in and turned on, the faders on the mixer for the guitars affect the volume on other inputs from the original snake. When we turn off the guitar receivers it goes away. When the guitar receivers are plugged into the original snake inputs, we don't have a problem. Plugging into the original snake is not an option due to its location. Any answers? We use a PreSonus StudioLive mixer. I have wondered if running a snake into another snake might be the problem or if we are getting some sort of feed from the wireless guitar receivers but we have wireless mic receivers plugged into the original snake with no problems. All frequencies have been checked and no duplication. Please don't ask why it's set up as it is. It was done by a former "expert" who didn't think Shure wireless mics would transmit 50'.

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: bigjohn767 on September 13, 2018, 11:49:47 AM ---We have a snake

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