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Author Topic: JBL CBT 1000/1000E system  (Read 5554 times)

Scott Hibbard

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JBL CBT 1000/1000E system
« on: August 09, 2018, 01:07:23 PM »

Dear Forum Members,

This past week I installed a pair of JBL's CBT 1000/1000E line array column system.  The installation was for a 1,150 seat high school auditorium. The following factored into the ultimate selection of these speakers:

1. The size of the room (130' deep x 100' wide). The 150 degree horizontal coverage factored well into this as the school did not want front fill speakers. 
2. Pattern control is adjustable to 16 patterns by removing the side panel of the CBT1000 and locating large orange jumpers into positions for narrow, point, down fill etc.
3. Fit nicely into the budget of the school.
4. Not every installation requires a line array.
5. Feedback rejection is simply amazing - like the other JBL CBT's (and other column arrays).
6. Previous experience with all other JBL CBT's (first time with this one)

The CBT1000/1000E combine to make a fairly substantial speaker physically (over 6 feet tall and over 100 pounds).  The top and bottom speaker both get their own bracket for wall mounting but it gets mounted as one unit, meaning you cannot install the top speaker then the bottom, or vice versa.  When installing, you have to be VERY careful to read the instructions, decide on up or downward tilt and then measure, measure, measure!  The brackets must be spaced precisely on the wall or you will not get everything aligned - and not something you want to find out when you are trying to lift a 100 pound speaker into place.  I would much rather have seen a single bracket mounted in the middle of the speaker.  Then there's the clumsiness of the speaker once top and bottom are bolted together.  It is minimally a 2 man job, 3 is better.

As far as the sound - call me impressed!!!!  The frequency response is just about as flat as you could expect a speaker out of the box.  Minor parametric was all that was needed to make them sound fantastic.  Although the tops contain (24) 1" tweeters, they don't sound like tweeters (like it's smaller brother the CBT70J does).  Instead it has a much beefier compression driver sound.  The 1000 speaker on it's own has ample bass, and the addition of the 1000E cabinet REALLY makes the speaker system shine.  JBL says the 1000/1000E goes down to 38Hz, and I have no reason to doubt that.  I applied a 44Hz HPF with 24db slope and very impressed with the low frequency output.  You would not mistake it for a subwoofer, but as a LF extension cabinet it filled out the low end substantially. 

Using the vertical adjustability of the speaker, I settled in on Narrow for the top section of the 1000, and down-fill for the lower section of the 1000.  Note:  The 1000E extension cabinet has no adjustability despite having the same "trap door" as the 1000.  Presumably because it is the same cabinet as the 1000. 

The system is powered with an Ashly KLR-4000 amp, and processed with a dbx 260. 

Once tuned, the school administration came in to listen, and were simply amazed that something so "small" could fill a 1,150 seat room so well, and so clearly.  Mind you their old system was (literally) 1980's JBL stadium horns and double 15 boxes (no kidding).  So the CBT 1000/1000E system was 1/3 the size, yet had far more output and sound-quality wise absolutely no comparison. 

In summary, I was very impressed with this system.  I would not hesitate to use it for even larger rooms, as the 130 foot room here was no sweat whatsoever.  The clarity of the sound rivals some line arrays I've heard (no names).  If you are looking for a column array speaker with substantial output and musicality, put this one on your list. 

What needs improvement:  Not too much.  I would start by saying the grills are way too thin, and one was delivered with a dent in the front with no damage to the box.  So it either was put in the box that way, or something inside the box (e.g. foam) caused it during transit.  Either way, the grills are thin and would have me second guessing any installation where something would come into contact with it (e.g. gymnasium or outdoors).  Other than that, I would like to see JBL clearly mark the "+" and "-" terminals with much larger font and color.  It is near impossible to see on the back of the speaker, especially once mounted. 

Hope this is helpful, and please forgive the low quality pics.  The AC and lighting was being worked on, so I had to improvise using a follow spot (grin).

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Tom Burgess

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Re: JBL CBT 1000/1000E system
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 12:59:49 PM »

Cool, thanks for the write-up!
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Re: JBL CBT 1000/1000E system
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2018, 12:59:49 PM »

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