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How Many Tools? Putting The Ear Ahead Of The Gear


Keith Clark:
What's In Your Toolbox? Putting The Ear Ahead Of The Gear
Taking some tips from another industry to apply knowledge and experience in selecting the right tools for the job.
By M. Erik Matlock • Posted in the Reading Room on August 7, 2018

It’s taken a while for me to form a rational opinion about the digital revolution in the world of audio, but I think I’ve finally reached it. Let me sidetrack into another passion of mine for a moment to provide a starting point…

In 2009, noted motorcycle restorer Vic World built an original 1969 Honda CB750 from the ground up with vintage NOS (new old stock) parts – in less than 24 hours and in front of the press. The build itself and the collection of original parts weren’t what freaked out the reporters, it was his toolbox.

Commenting on responses from folks who have watched him work, World stated, “They’re always surprised not to see big toolboxes.” He knows what he’s doing and only carries what he needs.

Bringing this back to audio…

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