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Carlo Sound engineers briefcase

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Mike Charnecki:
Hello all, looking for info on the case I found and Carlo Sound.


Mike Charnecki:
It has stickers for Pablo Cruise, Starland Vocal Band, Poco, Exit/in, Frontiers days 1977, Capitol theatre, alberta and Braniff( airline I believe.


Carlo was a Nashville based sound company founded by Richard Carpenter and John Logan. They worked with EAW to create the CS3 loudspeaker that was one of the earliest all in one three way horn loaded box with built in fly points. In the 80s they toured with the likes of The Oak Ridge Boys and Ricky Skaggs. I know they did rock tours in the 70s. They also built custom cases. They used to teach rigging classes at MTSU. The last time I spoke with John - in the early 90s - they had gotten out of live sound and were just doing consulting work. My friend DAVID Wilkerson used to have a brief case virtually identical that one. It may have been his.

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Don T. Williams:
I owned the "separates" version of this system: the double 15" bass, single 12" mid box, and a large format horn.  It was really interesting how different manufacturers' mid and LF drivers sounded in the system.  After trying a lot of combinations, I think I ended up liking PAS 15's, EV 12's, and Emilar 2" HF drivers best.

It's really interesting to note the recommended power for each section and the sensitivity ratings of the system.  In this day and age, would any manufacturer offer a speaker "system" where you could load your existing drivers?  My, my, how things have changed!


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