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What are you listening to? Home Theater or Stereo.

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Patrick Tracy:
Old standby Onkyo surround receiver into four Paradigm Titan speakers, a JBL center and a Jamo sub. I'll be swapping out the front two Titans for Paradigm Mini Mk III speakers and moving one of the Titans to the center at some point, and replacing the Jamo with a Paradigm sub when I find the correct replacement driver.

Scott Holtzman:
Integra preamp, carver amps, infinity Kappa's up front,  smaller infinity's in the back, current sub is a SVS 4000 it is clean ans deep.  Oppo Blu ray and a new 4k Apple TV for sources.

Playing in the basement with some JBL SR-X's and a rack full of Samson amps, 120" Stewart screen and a JVC D-ILA projector.  Want to get some Danley DTS-10 sub.  Have 2 JBL Synthesis dual 15 subs that just don't get low by modern standards.

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Mike Caldwell:
Our only stereo system in the house used for movies and music is:

Tannoy 10 DMT series two monitors
Hafler DH110 preamp
Hafler DH200 power amp
Sony Blueray DVD player and an older Pioneer CD player that sounds way better playing CD's than the Sony Blueray.

I built both the Hafler units from the kits and a few years ago went through and re-capped them both.

I originally built and used the DH200 in the early 1980's to run JBL2402 bullet tweeters the sound system I had at the time.

Rob Spence:
I have a powered JBL system for mix down and listening in my office.

The tv is a Yamaha surround receiver to a pair of Snell A2s, a center bar, a sub, and side & rear speakers.

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Daniel Levi:
Late 80's/early 90's Techincs SA-X900L combined tuner/amp/dual cassette with a couple of cheapo Sansui speakers with the optional Technics turntable and a old Sony CD changer.
Cost me nought and sounds relatively good.
Has an extra Aux input so useful for attaching modern gear up to it, currently a Lidl UnPNP streaming box.
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