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What are you listening to? Home Theater or Stereo.

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Tom Roche:
Home theater is an inexpensive Sony system: receiver, 5 cube size speakers and small sub.  It sounds surprising big.  Either my TV or the Comcast cable box no longer passes audio while watching TV or DVD/Blu-ray movies.  Haven't had the time to troubleshoot.

Stereo consists of Adcom amp, preamp, tuner, Marantz CD, Dual turntable, JBL 4410 monitors, a/d/s L570 speakers, and Definitive Technology 15" sub.

Ned Ward:
Listening mostly while working on the computer, which means 2013 MacBook Pro ->Avid Eleven Guitar & Audio Interface -> Event Electronics Tuned Reference 6" Nearfield monitors.

Headphones - AKG K702. Comfy.

Mike Butler (media):
McIntosh MC2022, C31V, MR7083
JBL 4311B fronts, ohmbru ctr channel, JBL in-wall install rears (forgot model #), JBL ES250P active sub
Samsung Blu-Ray, Technics SL table, Stanton 680 ctg, Amazon Bluetooth rcvr to feed audio from laptop, iPad, iPhone...
Yamaha RX-V690 5.1 rcvr
Bose Acoustimass (don't laugh)
Sony Blu-Ray, no-name Bluetooth rcvr
Denon DRA-545R 2-ch rcvr, Boston Acoustic HD-5, no-name Bluetooth rcvr

Marcus Baeumler:
The 5.1 setup in our living room had to go. It was old and was missing many of the bells and whistles I was looking for, starting with HDMI I/O...

I now have a Focal Dimension soundbar and subwoofer, an AppleTV and a Philips Buetooth receiver (and a Samsung 55" LED TV) since about 15 months.

All control is done with a Logitech Harmony remote system with Hub and touch remote, as well as an EchoDot for speech remote control (including lights etc.).

Very high WAF (wife acceptance factor) since the setup is very compact and the integrated remote control makes using it very easy.

Jonathan Johnson:
I don't see "AM talk radio in my car" in the list.

Seriously, I don't listen to music at home. I don't really have a good reason not to. Maybe I'm either too busy to sit down and listen, or I'm too lazy.

In the past, I've used my "lounge level" PA system. What I do now when I want to listen to music is Pandora on my phone, connected via the headphone out directly into a pair of EV ELX112P. I don't have a TV, so "home theater" really isn't an option.

It's more about having background noise than critical listening. And, with kids in the house, there's plenty of background noise already, so I don't play music often. Musical genres typically include classical and contemporary sacred (but not CCM).


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