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What are you listening to? Home Theater or Stereo.

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Will Knight:
My basement is a bit on the small side so my setup just fits the spacing needed for work, music (Playback/Practice/Recording) & movies. All purchased new over time since 1974. 

        Demon 3803 AVR; Samsung BRDVD Player
        Polk RM7500 Series Frt/Cntr/Surrx4 Speakers (1HF, 5.25LF) 
        Polk RM7500 Series Sub (Dual 12)
        Project Debut & Music Hall 5 TTs
        Akai GX747 & Technics X2000 R2Rs
Still sounds [email protected] good to I think Ill keep it for a bit longer (my son certainly hopes so.. :D)

Cailen Waddell:
Apple TV 4K
Denon AVR
Volt10s from DIY soundgroup in ported enclosures.  No sub atm...  maybe a build in my future but we dont critically listen to that many movies at home.

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Chris Grimshaw:
I actually listen to a pair of my PA speakers - 6.5" 2-way boxes, 18Sound 6ND430 midbass, DAS M3 HF. 1.6kHz crossover, and a well-treated cabinet.

Amp is an old Akai AM-2250 and it has the matching AT-2250 tuner. There's also a GL-75 turntable.

Sounds quite nice, and gets used for mixing stuff occasionally.
Having measured the amp, there's almost valve (tube) amp levels of 2nd order harmonic distortion.

If we're watching movies, I have the driver from a Tannoy TS10 subwoofer and a Behringer iNuke with the DSP settings dialled in for the sub. I run the sub amp from the second speaker output on the Akai amplifier, which works fine - the speakers are efficient so they never see enough voltage to clip the input stage of the iNuke.

I've a few parts on-hand for my next home HiFi speakers, but the design is TBC. I'd like to cut out the subwoofer and have a pair of main speakers that can dig below 30Hz on their own.


Tim Weaver:
My wife made me put away my stereo equipment because it "looks ugly". lol.

We don't have the luxury of a "bonus room" of any kind. When it was set up it was a Sansui AUD-II integrated amp with a variety of inputs including Minidisc!

Speakers are things that I've built over the years. I have some open-baffle 1.5 ways that I really like. They use old EV Wolverine 8 incher's. I've also had some old Large Advents and several other speakers I've built.

Tim McCulloch:
I have a "stereo" for listening to music and a packaged 5.1 JBL rig for the home theater.

Stereo has Soundcraftsmen preamp (recapped, rechipped a couple years ago) and Hafler DH500 amp.  JBL monitors, don't recall the number.


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