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Easy Worship

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Mike Sveda:
Easy to change songs. No trying to find pages.  I think you can download a demo version.  Cut and past songs from power point into easy worship.  Set up verses an chorus parts. As song plays, click the part of the song to show on screen. can vary background (static image or looping video)on the fly. Can blackout and clear words leaving backround imgage/video.  Much more flexible.

Download the demo and try it out.

Bob Miller:
I, personally, prefer MediaShout. My advice...

Rob Armstrong:
We have been using EasyWorship for 4 years now.  We started with powerpoint like a lot of churches do. What we found was editing songs, adding new songs and putting together the playlist for the services was difficult for the "slide guys" and on-the-fly editing nearly impossible without freezing the projector image via the remote(and hoping it was frozen before editing), making the fix and unfreezing the projector all before the next slide was to be put up.   I helped evaluate EW and Media Shout and maybe another package, and we went with EW for the ease of use and the price.  

The pro's of EasyWorship we found are:
*  VERY easy to use (as mentioned by others)
* allows you to easily edit the song on-the-fly without interupting the screen
*  All the text is uniform in font and color
*  The song copyright and CCLI # is stored once and displayed on every screen
*  importing Powerpoint's and video (MPEG)
*  VERY easy to use
*  Adding songs by copy and pasting text from other sources
*  large public domain list
*  saving song lists
*  VERY easy to use (did I mention that already   )

We evaluated MediaShout and found it more difficult to learn and setup, although I know people who say Media Shout was easy for them to use and setup.  With our teams and having 2-4 "slide guys" rotating weeks, ease of use was key to the choice.  At the time, we also found the licensing was budget friendly as only one license was needed and we could install on multiple computers if needed.  So if your song leader had it installed, they could import a song list, export it and then import it on the main HOW computer without re-keying new songs.

Roy Richards:
We use Easy Worship, it has been easy learning for new operators.
Only feature that bugs me is when the sermon powerpoint is displaying, the slide view window does not track along with you automatically. You have to manually scroll the pane down.

It would also be nice to have a plain advance button, so once the playlist is saved, one button click would toggle to the next screen, until the playlist is done. I run audio, and with Powerpoint if the slide op was missing, I could just tap the advance button without watching the computer screen, just monitoring the stage with screens in background.

Has anyone been able to import DVD video from an internal drive?
Our setup seems to be looking for the DVD to come from the firewire port, which we use for miniDv imports.

I admit, I stopped trying too soon, so if I missed an obvious step it's my fault.

Mike Sveda:

Rip the dvd to the harddrive and convert to MPEG1 or 2 VCD/SVCD.

Import the mpeg video to easyworship.


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