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Easy Worship

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Mike Sveda:
We've been using Easy Worship for putting lyrics on screen with animated background loops.  Also have converted DVD video to MPEG-1 to use in Easy Worship so we can use fade effects and have better control getting video to screen.

Any other users?

Aaron McQueen:
EasyWorship really is "easy".  This is probably the best feature.  It takes about five minutes to teach someone how to use it.  An 8 year old runs it in our children's service.  The latest snapshot has built in DVD support although it may not work properly yet.

Aaron McQueen:
What church to you attend Mike.  My parents live in Greensboro.

Mike Sveda:
Cathedral of HIS Glory
4501 Lake Jeanette RD.

Easy Worship has been working great for doing words on screen during service.  The black out and clear functions are great.  Someday we need to add a video input feed to easy worship.  

One trick to get DVD video to MPEG-1 VideoCD resoltion is to use a program called EazyVCD (get it at  Once click solution to transfer DVD to VCD.  VCD is 320 x 240 MPEG-1 which projects well @ 80 ft to our projector and doesn't choke the cpu during playback.

It also works great for powerpoint playback too.

Rodd Lowell:
I am really considering getting this software for our ministry.  Currently we are using PowerPoint because it is so cheap.

Any suggestions for me as to why I should take the plunge?




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