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Author Topic: Sennheiser D1 (and other semi low cost digital systems..): War storries and good advice?  (Read 1830 times)

Luke Geis

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I own 2 Line 6 XD75 units, and if there is a router nearby that is broadcasting 2.4ghz in the vicinity of the system, they are absolutely useless. I can't get more than 20' away before the mics cut out and loose signal. If the routers are not broadcasting in 2.4ghz ( as in they are 5ghz ) I have zero issues. The 2.4ghz digital mic systems cannot be trusted ANYWHERE that another 2.4ghz system is present. Clean channel or not, they won't work.

As said, run, don't walk away from 2.4ghz wireless systems. They are not ready yet.
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Jean-Pierre Coetzee

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I am on a long term scouting mission for a 10+ simultanous channels wireless system for mixed song/theater/spoken word use.

These mics will see regular use by techs who doesn't necessarily understand how to combat rf problems, so ease of use and reliable operation over time is important. This has drawn my attention to digital systems.

In some other threads here the Line6 offerings gets praise for sound quality and ease of operation, but a solid thumbs down when it comes to durability over time.

How is the story whith Sennheiser's D1 system? Does it keep it together over time? How many channels is it realistic to get in a real world scenario? How do you go about running e.g. 12 recievers together; do you need a combiner? Which one is preferable?

And not the least: What other digital systems in roughly the same ballpark costwise should I take a closer look at? Or is digital rf mics (in the 2.4Ghz band at least) a Realy Bad Idea alltogether?

Disclaimer: This is not a "I'm seeking help with install in location A with budget B and needs C and D"-type question. I'm not buying anything tomorrow; I ask to gain knowledge. :)
We have a 3k cap venue, when the venue is about quarter full I start getting dropouts on my non-important 2.4GHz wifi networks, have to switch to 5GHz.

I would never trust anything mission critical to the 2.4GHz band, neither wifi nor mics.
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