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Wireless Workbench How to to everything videos.....

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Įrni F. Siguršsson:
There are a few questions/suggestions I have regarding WWB and would like to talk to someone from the WWB team at shure. I was browsing trough their website and didn't really see any contact information.

Scott Holtzman:

--- Quote from: Pete Erskine on April 03, 2018, 10:01:07 PM ---This is info from an email I received from Sam Drazen at Shure. It has a link to a huge collection of how to videos on WWB.  I am blown away by the effectiveness and short videos each on a different subject.

I made some videos about WWB/IAS walk through, comparisons, and others covering general RF coordination topics which are available on .  my scans page HERE

Sam created a series of WWB tutorial videos for training/education purposes which will help you get the most out of WWB6.   They can be viewed here:  Each of the tutorials covers one of a number of topics related to wireless device management, and many of which focus on frequency coordination.

What else do you want videos about...

--- End quote ---

Good stuff Pete, thanks.


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