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something that I know works


Richard Turner:
Anyone who's ever rented at long and Mcquade will know this system.

THey have an in house inventory and rentals management system

I'm pretty sure its using a PHP back end.

The GUI is non existant, you use the tab key to move fields, it looks straight out of 1986 I'm pretty sure it would run on a 286 computer with monochrome screen.

They have live access to all items in inventory over 60 locations.

each item is tracked by serial number and it will generate tags creating a unique barcode for using hand scanner to rapidly input multiple items to an invoice and reduce keystroke errors

It tracks days rented and revenue per item and also calculates diminished retail vaule based on time and revenue generated.

It will also collect deposits to hold any item at reduced cost until pickup date and also will quote for 1 day 2 day abd weekend rates as well as weekly and monthy lease rates.

It also does double duty in allowing any used item entered into the system to be rented or sold and reduce selling price based on its revenue.

This allows the bean counters to see what items punch above their weight and what is taking up shelf space. It also allows repair tickets to be added in to the cost of an item.

If theres any canadians out there who know any of the higher ups in Pickering Ontario they might be able talk about a liscencing deal on the software framework.


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