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lines on 1 of 5 video projectors

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Jordan Wolf:

--- Quote from: Bill Beach on February 26, 2018, 11:40:03 PM ---...worship leader said plug into a different place, and, the lines went away!

--- End quote ---
When you say “plug into a different place”, I assume you mean that you used a different outlet for power.

What gear did you change outlets with? The video signal distribution gear, the projectors, etc.?

If /When you try to replicate the issue, I think you’ll find that the lines will be faint or nonexistent when the grand master fader is near 0% or 100%; it will likely be the worst when at 50%.

My experience has been that analog video signal systems like VGA and Component are more adversely affected by the hash that some lighting dimmers throw back onto the neutral of the electrical system than the newer digital ones.


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