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Height to Fly JBL VRX

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Dewald Du Plessis:

Hope someone can help me with some advice. I am building a mobile stage with a small flat bed. The scaffolding towers will be 6 meters apart and JBL recommends to fly the VRX lapīs 8 meters high when using four speakers per side. This is quite high so I would like to know from other peoples experience what is the lowest that I can build these towers and still get good vertical coverage?

Dewald Du Plessis

Ian Stuart:
I know very little about line-array stuff but what would happen if you removed 1 or 2 of the boxes per side? I know that you would lose some much needed SPL but would that allow the rig to be lowered and have the same dispersion?

8 meters is pretty damn high. If I owned the rig I would probably just run them at the available height and deal with the consequences later.

It's a sticky situation man, Have you tried calling JBL for some extra advice?

Dewald Du Plessis:
Thanks! I have not yet called JBL for this. We can easily place 2 x boxes per side without the towers as they would then go onto the riser pipes on top of two subs next to the stage.

The towers will be specifically designed for situations where one needs to add more boxes. Eight meters is way to high for me to work with so I am hoping that 4 x boxes per side will function just fine on lets say a 6 meter tower as this is a reasonable height to work with. I will probably need to tilt the array a few degrees backwards to balance out the throw using less height but with little experience on this I would rather get more advice first!

JBLīs recommendation for 3 x boxes per side is 5.5 meters so that will work just fine but why waste extra speakers if they are available  :)

Dave Bigelow:
You could always go 3 a side and then use the last 2 for front fills.

Dewald Du Plessis:
Correction: JBL recommends 7.7 meters with 4 boxes a side, but still....

Tnx Dave that certainly something to consider!


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