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Author Topic: Void Acoustics Venu Line vs. EAW - anyone have experience?  (Read 2982 times)

Jonathan Gneezy

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Void Acoustics Venu Line vs. EAW - anyone have experience?
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:27:36 am »

I own a bar/event space, we are expanding to take over a 900 sq ft room in the same building as our main space - I have two friends selling used sound systems at good prices and would love some advice/opinions.

One is a Void Acoustics system that sounded amazing in its previous home, but have heard mixed opinions on if it will be enough for our room. Good sound quality is very important to me but also need to make sure it can keep up with an 80-100 person party.

The room is a 27.5' x 31.5' box with 20' ceilings, playing mainly recorded music. Thinking to install either system as a four point system with subs clustered in a corner - at this point I'm more interested in opinions on the systems themselves than the layout.

The first system is Void Acoustics:
- six Venu 8 (the front two corners would each be two cabs put together)
- two Venu 12" subs
- Ashly MFA-8000 amp for the subs and an Ashly FTX-2001 for the tops, and BSS Blue 100 processor.

The second system is EAW:
- two EAW FR153hr, two EAW FR152 tops
- either: two double 18" subs loaded with 18sound 18LW1400 drivers, or two EAW FR250z
- Amps QSC Powerlight 6.0 II pfc and QSC Powerlight 4.0, EAW UX8800 processor.

Pros of Void: I've heard this specific system, and it is also fairly new. It sounded great in its previous home, but the room was a little smaller. I've also heard many phenomenal Void systems, though those were their higher end/more expensive speakers maybe using the Venu's as monitors.

The cabs are also much smaller, which is nice because they can be wall mounted rather than having to either sacrifice floor space or deal with the costs of proper rigging to fly them.

Cons: Will this system be enough to knock for a dance party? Also harder to find parts/repair.

Pros of EAW: much more power. My sound guy who I trust very much vouches for this system on paper. Easier to find parts and re-sell if necessary.

Cons: Even though they've been well taken care of, they are older and more used. A lot of large heavy speakers, either lose space or pay to fly them.

Not that it matters, but our system in the other room is two QSC KW152s flown and a KW181 sub.

Kevin McDonough

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Re: Void Acoustics Venu Line vs. EAW - anyone have experience?
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2018, 11:15:03 am »

Though you've already heard it so don't need me to tell you lol, but can confirm the void system sounds great.

My big concern would be with the subs, i think the weak point in the system would be the question of if two 12" subs on their own could give you enough low end to keep up with the tops for that many people.


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Re: Void Acoustics Venu Line vs. EAW - anyone have experience?
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2018, 11:15:03 am »

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