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Insert stupid weather comment here

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chris fletchall:
Test ...Test Is this thing on?

I finaly joined the rest of the world and got my first snowflakes of the season.

I hate snow.  :o

John Roberts {JR}:
If you hate snow maybe live somewhere it doesn't snow...

They said it was going to snow in Hickory, but we just got some freezing rain.

If I want to see snow, I will go to Aspen or Vail and visit some. There the snow comes with attractive slender women in tights.  8)


chris fletchall:
I did buy a new sled for the snow I hate. And I made a snow man with anger.

I tried to move to a warmer place but then I started to mis the snow and ice.

But on a side note, I am getting good experance falling on my a$$ while loading in. :D

Chris Gruber:
Its a 23 degree heatwave!

Mac Kerr:
I was snowbound in Ft Lauderdale, FL yesterday. That's a first for me.



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