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Some more spectrum repack docs...

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Aram Piligian:
Happy New Year! 

With the new year comes purchasing season, so I've been compiling some of the spectrum repack data for a variety of cities, in an effort to have answers to the whats, whens, and whys from management.  In this post you'll find a png (full quality PDF linked with other files) with an overview of the rollout phases for a few major market cities, as well as a link to a folder of Pete Erskine's Wireless Planner for each of those cities.  I've added some of the missing Shure gear as well, though newer offerings from other manufacturers are likely absent. 

Process (how'd I come up with these?)

-First, I used to find current TV stations in a 50mi radius of major city centers

-Next, I used this documentation from the FCC on public safety bands in major cities

-On the FCC's Incentive Auction Data Files site, I found the Tableau Reader file which gives a map view of stations that are changing during the repack.  I selected a 50mi radius of the major city centers and saved the resulting list of stations undergoing changes.

-Finally, I cross-referenced my initial results with the repack list, and made it look pretty.

Please let me know if you find any errors--digging up this stuff can be tedious and I'm sure there's mistakes and omissions.  These are living documents; I'd love to improve and maintain them going forward with the help and collaboration of others.


One Drive Excel version of Spectrum Repack Overview

Link to Spectrum Repack Overview PDF

Link to Wireless Planner Files *Note--these are macro-enabled excel files, so you'll have to download them instead of viewing them in browser.

Tim McCulloch:
Thanks, Aram.  I posted a link to this thread over at Control Booth.

Aram Piligian:

Following up on this, RF Venue asked me to write a guest blog post giving it some context.  It can be found here.

Bob Charest:

--- Quote from: Aram Piligian on January 09, 2018, 03:39:08 pm ---Cool! 

Following up on this, RF Venue asked me to write a guest blog post giving it some context.  It can be found here.

--- End quote ---
Thank you, Aram!

Pete Erskine:
This is a repost of a terrific RF Venue article.  NOTE that in Dallas there is virtually no spectrum left.

In today's guest post from Aram Piligian of IMS Technology Services, the broadcast spectrum repack is covered in detail, with an important free download and other resource links covering rollout phases in major metropolitan areas.

I highly recommend sharing this with your team so you can anticipate these important changes that will have a direct impact on your operations of wireless mics and IEMs going forward.

FCC phase rollout schedule for broadcast repack.pngRead Here
As always, if I can answer any questions or assist in your preparations for this transition just reply to this email.  There are a number of techniques and tools available including affordable spectrum analysis and RF filtering that will be must-haves in the RF toolkit moving forward as more wireless devices compete for less spectrum.

And to get in touch with the pros at IMS Technology Services directly for your next project be sure to CLICK HERE.


Chris Regan

RF Venue, Inc,



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