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Author Topic: Line vs Point Sources - Open talk  (Read 23994 times)

Roland Clarke

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Re: Line vs Point Sources - Open talk
« Reply #100 on: November 26, 2017, 07:33:10 pm »

SPL and sound quality are not the same.  Sure, it has to be loud enough. but I have noticed an interesting thing at some shows.

I have attended/worked a number shows that normally would be considered "loud  This would include "gangsta rap", "thrash metal", "in your face rock" etc.

These were all single source systems in which a much large line array would normally be used.

In all cases, the system was not running at max potential, so that was not a limiting factor.

I was surprised at how "quiet" the shows were.  Typically around 103dBA slow.  That is a good bit lower than would normally be associated with those types of shows.

In all cases there was plenty of low end, so lots of energy.

My "guess" is that the FOH guys were able to get the "sound/feeling" they wanted, without the actual SPL.

Usually it is just "turn it up" trying to get clarity, until the system is out of gas.  Of course then your ears start to compress and it becomes self defeating.

If you can do that at a lower level, that is good for everybody.

I have other "theories" about hearing damage and ears ringing of a single source of sound vs multiple arrivals, but that is a different post.

I know this post was a few pages back, but it interested me in the way that it suggest we are so focussed on producing systems for what we perceive the market to be than perhaps what it really is.  In reality, my experience is that really large shows are not that loud.  Taking time to think about it has led me to believe that this is likely either, environmental Sound concerns/limits, appropriate scale that psychologically matches the experience with a volume that seems appropriate, that at this level of events, acoustic stage volume is so insignificant as to not be a factor in producing the “feel/experience”, we (or the engineers), need so less volume is appropriate, possibly a combination or even all and other reasons besides.

We all know that however much engineering we throw at systems and however much we seek the “holy grail” of speaker systems there are inevitable compromises.  Perhaps it is time to look at the compromises and see if a better set of options are available?  I sometime feel that in an effort to get the “ultimate” performance, perhaps more serious compromises are being made because of concerns about frequency response, lobbing, rather than checking out how really things are being perceived from an audience POV.
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Re: Line vs Point Sources - Open talk
« Reply #100 on: November 26, 2017, 07:33:10 pm »

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