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Author Topic: Video install for small dance studio  (Read 1485 times)

Nathan Riddle

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Video install for small dance studio
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:39:58 pm »

Okay so I'm working on a video install for a small dance studio.

They have two studios and two viewing/waiting areas.

They want to have video piped into both rooms from both of the studios
sound for performances
DVD/PC for promo videos when practice isn't in session.

Trying to do this fairly on the cheap, lots of volunteer labor (on their end, not mine :P )


Before we get into the nitty gritty.

What I need answered is:

1) is there a different video router that I should be looking at?
2) is there a different professional camera that I should be looking at? (will the output work with a TV)?
3) what consumer camera would work? ($0-200 security camera style/quality with imbedded mic and hdmi output)


Video Sources:
DVD/Computer (local switch)
Studio 1 practice camera (greater than 135* viewing angle) [smaller wider studio]
Studio 2 practice camera [larger studio with camera further away]
Studio 2 performance camera [for performances in the future]

Sound Sources
DVD/Computer audio
Studio 1: camera mic
Studio 2: camera mic + playback
Studio 2 2nd angle + playback

Lobby 1 (tv speakers) [I can always pull the audio from the HDMI/SDI and go to a sound system/speaker bar in the future]
Lobby 2 (tv speakers)


Here's my current gear list and thoughts associated with each one.

Matrix switcher / video router

1= expensive, but networkable (app)
2= cheaper, no network :(
3= alternative, slightly more than the hdmi switcher, SDI (could be nice for cameras/running cable/less expensive than doing multiple active HDMI runs)

Kanex & matrix Seems like decent brands. What say ye?

Video camera's (this is where my skills are lacking).

1= great low light, professional,

Not sure of viewing angle or how to calculate it from lens shape/size?
I think the low light will be very nice for when they do performances. But is this overkill for practice?
Is there other cheaper options for cameras?
Maybe this should be the performance camera, but not the practice camera?

2= cheap, self contained mic/camera wide viewing angle (good for studio 1)

I need something similar, I read the manual and the HDMI output is only for viewing recorded content.
I'm just a guy trying to do the next right thing.

This business is for people with too much energy for desk jobs and too much brain for labor jobs. - Scott Helmke

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Video install for small dance studio
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:39:58 pm »

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