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Author Topic: Funky QRX212 Measurments  (Read 5898 times)

Kevin Maxwell

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Re: Funky QRX212 Measurments
« Reply #20 on: June 02, 2017, 11:14:51 pm »

Below is something I wrote about the QRX212 speakers and I wonder if maybe one of the horns wasnít put back in the proper way. But looking at the pictures of that room I would either rotate the horns the way I mention below or I would use the dual PA method with the horns in the normal configuration.
I am writing this part for people that donít know about the horns in the QRX212 speakers. They are asymmetrical in coverage but square in shape so they can be rotated. In normal configuration they are 75-degrees wide by 15-degrees up and 35-degrees down. I spoke to EV about the splay and was told that the boxes with the backs touching had to be 13 1/8Ē apart in the front to minimize the horns interfering with each other. That would get you the 150-degrees wide for 2 boxes. I didnít want 150-degrees of coverage and it seemed to me when I tried that the 12Ē drivers didnít splay well. I used the dual PA method once indoors and it worked great, flat fronted 2 boxes a side and ran vocals in one and instruments in the other, per side. But I needed more than 75 wide (for an outdoor summer concert series we were doing) and less than 150. I have been using them with the fronts splayed 8Ē apart. It was a compromise like a lot of things in sound windup being.

Now to how we rotated the horns. If you look at our setup as boxes 1-4 with boxes 1 and 2 as a pair on house left and boxes 3 and 4 as a pair on house right. If you are looking into the box we rotated the horns so boxes 1 and 3 have the horns, with the 35-degree to the left and the 15-degrees to the right. And on boxes 2 and 4 (if you are looking into the box) the 35-degree angle is to the right and the 15-degrees to the left. So the 15-degree part of the horns are in the middle of each stack, towards each other. This should give you 100 degrees of horizontal coverage from the horns. This orientation seemed to give me a much narrower area of horn interference in the audience area.   


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Re: Funky QRX212 Measurments
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