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Author Topic: Pile 'O Aviom for sale. Dante style  (Read 536 times)

Tim Weaver

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Pile 'O Aviom for sale. Dante style
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:56:23 pm »

Hi all. I recently installed a CL1 to handle our stage monitors so this mess of Aviom needs to go!

I have 2 complete kits here. There are 2 of each:

D800 head unit.

AN16o Output units (To feed IEMs)

And so far I have found 15 A360 control panels. I know that one or 2 have had issues in the past, but we were using 10 of them on stage 3 times a week for the last several years. At least that many of them work! lol

So make me an offer if you want just part of it. But for the whole shebang lets say $2000. Or a grand per "package" just know that I only have 15 possible controllers so each package will be a little different.

If you are not familiar, the D800 and A360 units will do 16 STEREO channels. So, it's a little better than the old 16 mono units of yesterday. The A360 and D800 allows you to set whether a channel is mono or stereo and the A360 has a couple of onboard memory spots plus verb and a local ambience mic.

So if you have a medium size band this could work well since things like keys and tracks could be consolidated into a single stereo channel.

All inputs and patching is done via Dante and Dante controller. There are no line level analog inputs for this system.

Also I still have some Rednet 5's available!,163298.msg1502683.html#msg1502683
Bullwinkle: This is the amplifier, which amplifies the sound. This is the Preamplifier which, of course, amplifies the pree's.

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Pile 'O Aviom for sale. Dante style
« on: May 16, 2017, 01:56:23 pm »

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