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Author Topic: Ubiquity Bullet update  (Read 10644 times)

Kevin McDonough

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Re: Ubiquity Bullet update
« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2017, 04:32:20 pm »

Annoys me that I spend real money for a real product and no love.
My Apple Airport Express went in the same bin.
Use a cheap "router" from Bestbuy and it works ever time!

Don't empty your bin quite yet, might still be rescuable!  :P

I got one almost a year ago now, I'd seen the bigger ones used by some of the companies I freelance for but I loved the form factor of the Bulletand the fact it clips really well into large mic holder (same size as a wireless handheld). Fairly compact omni antenna to go with it, looks like a little lightsaber when it's attached lol, and its perfect for my gig peli and means I always have it handy if I'm freelancing or working an unusual gig and they don't have their own wifi provision set up.

It took a night to work out what some of the settings were as while I'm pretty good with computers in general I'm not a massively detailed/expediences network guy. However after a bit of faffing got it to work OK.

The range was a bit hit or miss, some gigs would be great and some a bit iffy, but inspired by the first post of another (I assume your) thread actually I revisited a little while ago and tweaked a bit more and it's been much better the last few gigs.

Having just grabbed it and hooked it up to remind myself what settings I have:

On the wireless page I have mine set to access point and have the bridge box directly below that ticked. Its set to UK as thats where I am, and is on B/G/N mixed. Initially I didn't change the channel width, but after reading the earlier posts on this thread I changed that to 20MHz and the connection has been much more stable.  Frequency is different as mine is the 2.4 gig version not the 5.

Other than setting the password at the bottom don't think I touched much else on that page.

On the network page I am in bridge mode at the top of the page, not router mode. I assume the reason I only have a single set of network addresses, and not WAN and LAN like you, is because of this.

I haven't bothered with DHCP, I've just used static addresses as there is only ever three things I connect to it, the mixing desk via the wired connection and an ipad and a lappy via wireless, so it's no big deal just to assign their addresses manually.

My bullet it set to and I manually choose addresses for the rest.

The desk just stays as is with whatever address I have that at (can't remember from the house here).

The iPad is really handy because is seems to not have a global setting for this, it remembers it per router. So when it connects to the bullet it remembers it's a static address and stays assigned, but when I connect to my home wifi or venue wifi, or tether to my phone, to get internet, it remembers these are DHCP and gets assigned an address from the router.

My (PC) gig lappy doesn't remember, but it's only a two second job to call up the settings to change it, making it static to connect to the bullet, or back to DHCP when it connects to a normal router to again go on the net.

The good thing about this is once all three are connected to the bullet, they can all see each other through that shared connection.

The iPad can see the desk and control it, which is the main and most important thing, but the iPad can also see the lappy. As I walk about the venue for a listen during set up, as well as changing EQ etc on the desk I can remotely control the music player I use on the PC (J River) and change tracks, pause etc. I can wander about freely and listen, jump through songs etc, without having to run back to the lappy and manually change each time I wan't a new track.  (I have also done something similar in the past with airplay and tracks on the iPad playing into an airport express, which was the router I had at the time, but this is much better quality as the lappy has full quality FLAC or wave tracks, and runs AES straight into the desk.)

Hope I've maybe caught you and you can give it one last try, and that it helps you get your set up going, it really is a super handy little router once you've got it working.


Keith Broughton

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Re: Ubiquity Bullet update
« Reply #11 on: May 14, 2017, 08:17:28 am »

Don't empty your bin quite yet, might still be rescuable!  :P

Already gone and good riddance.
Not willing to spend another second on dicking around with this stuff.
I don't care enough to be apathetic

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Re: Ubiquity Bullet update
« Reply #11 on: May 14, 2017, 08:17:28 am »

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